Civil Legal Service Providers

Civil Legal Service Providers

Powered by grants from the DC Bar Foundation and the Montgomery County Executive, Our Community Legal Interpreter Bank ensures that a language barrier never stands in the way when a low-income person needs legal assistance.

Current Providers — ''We value our partnership with you.''

Thank you for your support of the Community Legal Interpreter Bank.

We strive to continue our partnership, offering the following free services to ensure that you are meeting your legal and ethical obligations when it comes to communicating with your clients and potential clients:

  1. Specially-trained, in-person interpreters working in more than 20 languages (including American Sign Language). Our interpreters are trained in the attorney/client privilege, confidentiality, and the unauthorized practice of law.
  2. Telephonic interpretation in more than 200 languages, available at any hour of the day or night, every day of the year. (DC Only)
  3. Translation of documents into dozens of languages.

If you ever have any question or concerns, please contact

You can also contact our director, David Steib, at

Civil Legal Service Provider Forms

Interested Providers

If you have never used the services of the Community Legal Interpreter Bank before but would like to, you may be able to join our bank.  If you meet certain criteria, and if there is funding available, you will receive services for free. Otherwise, you may be able to access the services of our bank for a fee.  Learn More


Eligibility Criteria

You may apply for free services from the Community Legal Interpreter Bank if your organization fits into either 1 or 2 below.

  1. A non-profit organization located in Washington, DC, that provides direct civil legal services to low-income DC residents or to individuals with a legal matter in DC. “Direct legal services” is defined as:
    • Individual representation of DC residents (or individuals with legal matters in DC)
    • The supervision of such representation
    • Appellate advocacy on behalf of DC residents (or on behalf of individuals with legal matters in DC)
    • Policy advocacy in DC that is associated with the representation of individual clients
  2. A non-profit organization in Montgomery County, MD, that provides direct civil legal services to low-income Montgomery County residents or to individuals with legal matters in Montgomery County.

Nonprofits located outside of DC or Montgomery County that serve clients who reside in DC or Montgomery County, or have legal matters in DC, are also eligible to use the bank for those clients.



Before completing an application to become part of the Community Legal Interpreter Bank, please contact us to ensure that our funding allows for new applications at this time. You may write to interpreterbank@ayuda,com.

Download Document: DC Application and MOU

Download Document: Montgomery County Application and MOU

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