Serve as Pro Bono Attorney

Serve as a Pro Bono Attorney


Clients need attorneys to accept full representation cases. Immigration cases may include T-Visa, U-Visa, Asylum, and VAWA cases, among others. Civil cases include actions against notarios and traffickers. Survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking require family law attorneys to help with civil protection order, divorce, custody and child support cases. Attorneys who accept full representation cases will benefit from a one-on-one mentor relationship with an Ayuda staff member, tip sheets, and sample pleadings. In-person trainings may also be available.

Ayuda also needs pro bono support for consultation clinics. Attorneys who volunteer for Ayuda’s clinics will benefit from on-site mentorship and easy-to-use intake materials. Immigration experience is useful but not necessary. We truly value language skills, as many of our clients speak languages other than English.

For more information, contact Lindsy Miles-Hare, Senior Pro Bono Coordinating Attorney,

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